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Hi im Tia and im a dreamer.
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  • “every time you hurt me I apologized because I felt guilty for making you feel bad”

    late night feelings  (via withoutexistance)

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    explaining anxiety is the fucking worst because you feel like an idiot for being bothered by the things that bother you but it’s such an intense fear right at your core so you have to go through all of these other levels of yourself to try and get someone else to understand it

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    “To wish you were someone else
    is to waste the person you are.”

    Kurt Cobain (via bl-ossomed)

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    so being a reader is basically a constant struggle between deciding on reading what you bought recently, what you bought ages ago and should stop ignoring, and what you really ought to reread.

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    Happy friendship day you twat. I lahv yooouu


    I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH. Youre my favorite whore in all the land <3

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